Penthouse at Diamond Islad, View River, CBD, have private pool

  •  [:vi]Đông[:en]East[:]
  •  500m2
  •  39 tỷ

Tổng quan:

Selling Penthouse Island in Diamond Island, District 2. Diamond Island Penthouse is designed with 2-storey duplex, handing over rough houses; private swimming pool (swimming pool equipped with an electrolytic water filtration system – no chemicals used), spacious garden with BBQ facilities available.

Information of Penthouse Diamond Island:

  • Indoor floor area: 383m2
    • First floor: 187m2
    • 2nd floor: 195m2
  • Garden and pool area: 168.12m2
  • Tower: Hawaii
  • Target buyers: Vietnamese and foreigners
  • Price: 39 billion

Contact to see the actual house: 0902.601.689 Mr Son – Specialist Sky villa, Garden Villa, Pool Villa

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Thông tin cơ bản:

Diện tích: 500m2
Mục đích sử dụng: Để ở
Thuộc tòa: Hawaii
Giá bán: 39 tỷ
Php lý: HDMB
Nội thất bàn giao: Nhà thô