4 bedrooms apartment @ Diamond Island, Maldives Tower, 170m2

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  •  170m2
  •  3000$/month

Tổng quan:

4 bedroom apartment for rent in Diamond Island , low floor, Maldives tower, area 169.3m2 with 4 bedrooms and 3 toilets. The apartment not only has a modern and eye-catching design, but also possesses a corner position, offering wide views to the Diamond Bridge and the spacious Giong Ong To River. Diamond Island apartment – Diamond Island has a retro-style design – a smooth cross between the old and the new. As soon as you enter the apartment, you will be interested in the panoramic view thanks to the two sides that are fitted with tempered glass close to the ceiling, and there is also a balcony to help the space always filled with fresh breeze from the river. Living room is full of life with white – green moss as the main color.

The apartment is suitable for families of many generations, wishing to move in immediately. Living in Diamond Island apartment, you and your family can also enjoy a variety of high-end local amenities according to international standards such as: saltwater swimming pool, water taxi, children’s water park, swimming pool salt about 2300m2, private marina, jogging track along the banks of the river 1,3km, … Thanks to its special position surrounded by three tributaries: the Saigon River, Giong Ong To River and the small artificial branch. So the living environment is very fresh and peaceful.

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Thông tin cơ bản:

Phòng ngủ: 4
Phòng tm: 4
Diện tích: 170m2
Mục đích sử dụng: Living
Thuộc tòa: Maldives
Giá bán: 3000$/month
Nội thất bàn giao: Full